Ep. 7 & 8: Dr. V to the Rescue!

Hi dolls! I’m back! Took a break for a week, and enjoyed the summer sun! This was a two part episode, so here are my thoughts for both episodes 7 & 8!

Teresa asked my opinion back in the winter if I thought the retreat was a good idea. I told her I thought it was a very good idea, and I give her a lot of credit for organizing it. I think you can all see that everyone talks about each other. They are all angry and hurt. There are really no innocent parties here. Everyone at this point has almost thrown in the towel. We all see what’s been going on, and what’s lead to the different events that have taken place. I speak from personal experience when I say that this is normal in large Italian families to fight. This family’s fight just happens to be playing itself out on international television in front of an audience of millions of people!

The fight left me speechless, yet in a way I felt it was a good thing. I think it was something that they all needed to get out of their systems. A fight between the Joes seemed to be brewing for some time, and in the end I myself was just thankful that no one really got hurt.

As I stated in one of my previous blogs, Joe Gorga and myself are civil with one another now. Even though he called me a number of choice words, he apologized to me and we have moved past it. That being said I still feel very strongly that he needs to learn to control his anger, especially against women. It is just not right to call women names, especially when it comes to your sister. “Scum” is the type of word that is hard to take back once it’s been said. I truthfully do not feel he really meant it, but it was said in the heat of the moment. He just needs to start thinking before he speaks. On a separate note, I was hysterically laughing when Joe was explaining the black Rogaine spray getting on everybody during the fight in his interview! Too funny!

How cute did Teresa and Joe look in the bathtub?! Those are the good friends that I know and love right in that moment together. And they were drinking Peach Fabellini, my favorite!

I think Dr. V is great! She is clearly a beautiful, sexy Italian woman who gets it! I love her work ethic and can really appreciate that she has chosen to spend her life helping people solve their problems. I was so happy to see Teresa and Joe (her brother) break down and hug it out. Now she and Melissa need to figure out a way to forget about the past and bury the hatchet.

That’s all I’ll say on this one. I need to get back to Posche as we have been very busy running a big blowout July sale! I have some new projects in the works that I can’t wait to share with everyone! Stay tuned!

Kim xo


4 thoughts on “Ep. 7 & 8: Dr. V to the Rescue!

  1. You’re too kind, Kim. Melissa’s true colors are coming out, as she has bashed every-single-thing Teresa is trying to do for herself and her family.. Including her business ventures. She can’t stand that Joe cares for his sister and that’s so evident this season. “I’ll protect you” she said. ( From his sister?) It’s as if she is sticking him with needles and kissing his booboos when he cries. She’s causing the pain and she’s applying the bandaids. Shes manipulating the mans Mind! I’m glad the family is getting along well now.. I love Teresa on the show, and I love love love seeing her happy. She is a good person. However, I feel sorry for her having to tolerate Melissa. I truly believe Melissa needs Joey to turn on his family (for her) to validate his love for her. I think these fights are common in familys, but rarely have I witnessed a wife try so hard to get between her husband and his parents/sister. I think it has everything to do with Melissa’s parents broken marriage, ( she needs to prove theyre unbreakable) but that doesn’t excuse her disturbing antics to destroy her husbands family. She doesnt need to like Teresa for her husband to have a relationship with his sister. whats up wtih that?
    And is it not crazy how these people blame Teresa for everything? I think anyone who’s parented a child knows Teresa did NOT turn her parents against their son. That’s ridiculous! I’ve not heard one word spoken about their wonderful, “Brady bunch” like family to suggest their parents naive, crazy, or hateful people. So for Joey to continue to blame Teresa and Juicy for his problems with his parents is immature, and quite frankly insulting to his parents. I’ll be glad when he finally realizes his wife is a huge roadblock between him and his happiness outside of the home they share. There’s a lot of woman like Melissa out there, and you don’t have to be a Dr.V to know one when you see a controlling wife who thinks she can be her spouses everything! I’m pretty sure she has said as much herself.
    By the way, love your blogs. Very well written and kind. I do wish you would be as bold as you are on the show tho. You’re a smart woman. You know Melissa is crazy. 🙂

  2. Personally … I don’t know why everyone cares so much about these people’s lives. What have they ever done that’s so remarkable???? It’s very sad that people follow and idolize these people. I can think of many other great people worthy.

  3. Kimberly if you are having a bad day,pray to the blessed mother Mary. Also keep the spirit of saint John Paul the second in your heart and soul!

  4. I agree with Olive…..Melissa is being horrible on the show, her true colors are showing, jabbing at Teresa every chance she gets like her whispering about Joe cheating on her with a mic on like we won’t hear it? and making fun of her fabulini drink….and what did she do to her cheeks, too much.
    & Why did Caroline go up to that retreat??? Does she need to stay relevant on the show that no longer needs her…she’s no longer the tough one, more like the old aunt or something – I realize you can’t say much anymore about them, you are trying to be friends as much as you can be. I luv the blogs, great idea – keep it real especially for your friend Teresa. And why is Teresa’s cousin Kathy being so quiet…she had such a BIG mouth on the reunion show, HER real self came out, now she’s back to acting all perfect and all. I hate that.
    You def need to be on the show more – bring some new stuff, teresa & melissa thing is getting old now.

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