Episode 9: Truce-fully Yours

Hi Dolls! What an emotional roller coaster these past three episodes have taken us all on! Here is my blog for Episode 9:

Let me start out by repeating again how much I absolutely LOVE Dr. V! She is fabulous in so many ways, and how brilliant is she?! What Dr. V was able to accomplish with the Giudices and Gorgas was truly unbelievable.  It was nothing short of a Mexican standoff. She was somehow able to make peace out of a situation everyone thought was irreparable. I have the utmost respect for people who choose to spend their lives helping others. Truly commendable. And she’s so fashionable too!

I would like to state my belief in life is that in a good relationship you do not need to be attached at the hip. Dr. V suggested that Teresa and Joe Gorga should spend time alone and I am in 100% agreement with that statement. Married couples should take a little bit of time apart now and then. It is healthy for both people. And I do not feel Teresa should be apologizing anymore! Enough is enough, it’s time to move forward.

Rosie is a good-hearted soul. I felt bad for her sitting at the table because it was clear she really just wanted everyone to make up. Her family means a lot to her and it shows. As always she provided the much needed comic relief on the trip!

I thought it was so cute to see Melissa get a little buzzed and let her hair down! I definitely would’ve been right there with her in the kitchen watching everyone else cook while downing a few Grey Gooses, worrying more about my eyelashes being singed by the flames!

It was so sweet to see Joe Giudice’s sensitive side, although it was not surprising to me. I love Joe, and we always talk straight. I believe that Teresa will take his advice and make up with Jacqueline before season’s end. And hmm, interesting conversation at the Laurita dinner table!! I love Chris, but the sock comment was TMI!

Lastly, as always I love seeing the girls in my Posche clothes! Teresa looked gorgeous in our Boulee violet Audrey top in her interview! We are currently sold out, but just ordered more colors for Fall! And of course, Jacqueline in our Kings of Cole Buddha tee paired with our Rich + Skinny distressed jeans. She looked adorable!

Well, that’s all until next week! Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer! I am loving mine. Have been spending lots of time at Posche and traveling on the weekends. Last weekend was especially exciting as I received an honorary Ambassador of Peace Award at a prestigious event in the Hamptons! I was thrilled and what an honor! After all, Andy did call me Switzerland… 😉

Kim xoxo


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