Episode 16: Rumor Has It…

Hi Dolls! I hope everyone enjoyed the gorgeous weather this weekend. I went into Little Italy last night for the Feast of San Gennaro and had a fabulous time! I love Manhattan in the fall!

So, we’re rounding it all out soon! Here are my thoughts on episode 16:

I would first like to congratulate my girlfriend Teresa on her new line of Skinny Italian products. I continue to be amazed by her, and I know she will continue to have nothing but success with all of her quickly growing brands!

It was very refreshing to see the Giudices and Gorgas have a nice family dinner at Rare. As an aside, if anyone is looking for a new steakhouse in our area of Jersey, Rare is fabulous!  The seafood tower they were eating is to die for! Anyway, I was very happy they were all relaxing and getting along. I love Antonia! She is such a wise woman and I have the utmost respect for her. She stole the entire scene! And didn’t Teresa look fab in her black and blue striped peplum top? It’s one of our faves, Torn by Ronny Kobo from Posche!

Juicy Joe clearly makes a juicy steak! My mouth was watering just looking at it! And loved the lesson on Fertility: 101 by Joe and Rosie! They had me cracking up. I thought Teresa did a very good job coaching Jacqueline with her speech, despite Chris laughing about it in the interview! It was all in good fun, and I thought his reaction was very cute!

Quick thought: I completely agreed when Joe Gorga told Johnny the music manager that “love is everything”, not sex. And Melissa is also wearing Torn in this scene. We have a few of those gold bodysuits left in the store…so sexy!

Richie was a big help in prepping for the big cannoli launch! My favorite part of the entire episode is when he drops the cards all over the kitchen floor! Haha I laughed so hard! And when the sign falls over outside! I will reiterate, Richie is hysterical this season! I wish Kathy a lot of luck, as I can speak from personal experience and say that owning your own business definitely has its ups and downs. I have never had the pleasure of tasting one of her cannolis, but I am sure they are very good!

Jacqueline’s Autism speech was very touching, and I thought her delivery was spot on. She is a wonderful mom and Nick’s progress is truly remarkable. He has come so far, and I think it’s very commendable that Jacq wants to help others by raising awareness.

Question. At Chakra, why does Melissa act so happy when she walks over to Penny at the bar? If she and Joe really believe Penny is the one who is actually spreading these rumors why act so calm around her? And better yet, why is Joe so quick to point a finger at all the women with regards to this cheating accusation? Why not go right to the source? I didn’t start the rumor. Teresa didn’t start the rumor. Jan didn’t start the rumor. And Penny didn’t start the rumor. Melissa’s ex did! It was all over Twitter. Whether it did or did not happen, HE is the one Joe Gorga should be confronting! Maybe it is just easier to always blame Teresa. Hmm…

Well, by the looks of the previews I guess you could all see I’m back next week! My Posche 2 opening at the Moxie Salon is the finale and it’s a two parter again! We’re gonna go out with a bang! Can’t wait for this one and I can only say one thing: Drama will be delivered! Until next week…

Kim xo



8 thoughts on “Episode 16: Rumor Has It…

  1. Tell us WHY doesn’t little Joey go right to the source? Is he afraid of what will be said? Why does he want his sister (Teresa) to handle his problems? Joey knows the source, so go fix the problem yourself!

    • I think it is because it is easier for the cry baby folletto maligno to pester and intimidate women. In the words of Poppa Gorga, Go cry to you Mother!!! Love your blog Kim and your perspective!♥♥♥

      • Omg that was so funny! Great line “Go crya toa yoa matha” in the sweet voice of that Italian dad. Kim I think Joe knows deep down. If you’ve ever been cheated on, you know..otherwise why suspect. I told Tre very first season MG came on. I see right through her. Yes she loves her kids, great mom. But trust me…if a richer, taller, better looking man comes along in music industry….watch what happens! Just watch how Melissa reacts to joe when he’s. being cute and flirty with her, it looks like it turns her stomach. I’ve been with my man 12 years and I still get butterflies and eat it up when he’s affectionate. She’s just buying her time. She said fame changed Tre? Maybe a tad, it would us all, but man she really has huge head. Her true colors are surfacing now. You can’t hide your true self, no matter how they edit. Just saying

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  3. everyone is starting to find out, bravo is splicing, and editing to make teresa look bad again again this yr. now they are going too far, we are going to boycott all of bravo and andy, after the reuion. we aren;t dumb,we are the teresa fans,that have watched this show from the beginning

  4. Where have you been this season? People who get the show – love some Kim D! I feel you ARE the key to bringing back the HARMLESS DRAMA! I absolutely hate that every dramatic scene that happens on RHONJ is harmful to one of the cast members and/or their children. Melissa has ruined the show for me. Ruined it!!!! I’m hoping you replace her.

  5. Kim, ” Joe is so scared to go to Bryan’s face cuz Joe knows if he went to Bryan he will know the real Truth about his wife Messy-Melissa an Joe couldn’t take that an then he would know that everyone was so right about Melissa. Melissa did this to herself an this is been around for much longer then New Jersey house wife’s been on TV. Now this other guy Anthony that knows a lot about Melissa maybe Joe should go up to him an talk cuz Melissa was with him too, There’s a lot of guys willing to Come Out an talk with Joe about his wife. Next time Mel should talk a good look around before she thinks she’s all that an more .

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