Episode 17: The Calm Before the Storm

Hi Dolls!

Well, here we are! Can’t believe we are almost at the finale! Where has the time gone?? This was my big night! Here are my thoughts on Episode 17:

Always love seeing my POSCHE! Was so pleasantly surprised to see my girls walk through my door together again! It was like old times when I first opened. They have both been my friends for years and it really upset me to see them have a falling out. I always stayed true to both of them though. I do not believe in burning bridges in business, or in friendships. However, if you mess with me, Hell hath no fury like the fury of Kim D!! I think you all know what I mean ūüėČ Anyway, did everyone like my hairstyle? My friend Jamie of the Moxie Salon in Ridgewood did it, and I have to say it’s my favorite hairstyle I have ever had filming on the show! Very Camille Grammer and I loved it! Teresa was dressed in head to toe POSCHE. Wasn’t that Alice + Olivia coat fabulous? And I loved the Feel the Piece top with the thumbholes underneath it! Everyone knows that I am easily accessible. I own a business and people come in to chat with me all the time. More often than not they tend to just tell me things I do not ask to hear. I was honest with the girls that Penny was invited to my opening. She has been a client of mine for years, so naturally she would be there to support me. I am not one to fight other’s battles, nor am I one to take other’s enemies on as my own. And “calm as a cucumber” is my favorite line! Haha love my Teresa!

Quick aside, Melissa was wearing our Torn by Ronny Kobo illusion midi dress for her vocal practice in Orlando. Didn’t it look fabulous on her? And Gia is right when she says all Mel’s songs are very catchy! The Little Town opening was a fun night. As usual, Teresa was representing POSCHE in our Alice + Olivia leopard blazer. She looked so fabulous all season long. The view from the restaurant in Hoboken ¬†is breathtaking. I wish the boys a lot of luck with it!

Now onto my opening! First I have to give kudos to the Moxie twins, Jamie and Jen Dunn. They presented me with the opportunity to open a POSCHE 2 within their salon in Ridgewood, and it was a great idea! They are already so accomplished at such a young age. Definitely an inspiration to female entrepreneurs like myself! You will see my new business venture, Cuffs by Kim D, strewn throughout the boutique. ¬†They launched in January and are doing fabulously! ¬†And did everyone spot the striking redhead in the green jacket throughout the episode? That’s my beautiful mom! And not to exhaust the POSCHE shout outs (it’s my opening so I’m allowed!), but Jacqueline looked stunning in our Jay Godfrey blueberry lace-up back blouse and Alice + Olivia pencil skirt! And how about Teresa’s dress?! One of my favorites by Single; hot pink leather! Love love!
Did everyone love seeing Juicy Joe get his eyebrows tweezed?! How cute was that? They even got Chris into the chair too! They were such good sports!

A very dramatic entrance was made by Penny, and she was immediately met by some confrontation. I won’t delve too much into this now because there will be A LOT to discuss in next week’s blog. Everything will wrap up in the 90 minute finale. You all can see from the trailer that things do not end too pretty. Let’s just say you definitely do not want to miss this one! That is all I will say for now. Stay tuned for what I feel is one of the most shocking episodes in RHONJ history…




Episode 16: Rumor Has It…

Hi Dolls! I hope everyone enjoyed the gorgeous weather this weekend. I went into Little Italy last night for the Feast of San Gennaro and had a fabulous time! I love Manhattan in the fall!

So, we’re rounding it all out soon! Here are my thoughts on episode 16:

I would first like to congratulate my girlfriend Teresa on her new line of Skinny Italian products. I continue to be amazed by her, and I know she will continue to have nothing but success with all of her quickly growing brands!

It was very refreshing to see the Giudices and Gorgas have a nice family dinner at Rare. As an aside, if anyone is looking for a new steakhouse in our area of Jersey, Rare is fabulous! ¬†The seafood tower they were eating is to die for! Anyway, I was very happy they were all relaxing and getting along. I love Antonia! She is such a wise woman and I have the utmost respect for her. She stole the entire scene! And didn’t Teresa look fab in her black and blue striped peplum top? It’s one of our faves, Torn by Ronny Kobo from Posche!

Juicy Joe clearly makes a juicy steak! My mouth was watering just looking at it! And loved the lesson on Fertility: 101 by Joe and Rosie! They had me cracking up. I thought Teresa did a very good job coaching Jacqueline with her speech, despite Chris laughing about it in the interview! It was all in good fun, and I thought his reaction was very cute!

Quick thought: I completely agreed when Joe Gorga told Johnny the music manager that “love is everything”, not sex. And Melissa is also wearing Torn in this scene. We have a few of those gold bodysuits left in the store…so sexy!

Richie was a big help in prepping for the big cannoli launch! My favorite part of the entire episode is when he drops the cards all over the kitchen floor! Haha I laughed so hard! And when the sign falls over outside! I will reiterate, Richie is hysterical this season! I wish Kathy a lot of luck, as I can speak from personal experience and say that owning your own business definitely has its ups and downs. I have never had the pleasure of tasting one of her cannolis, but I am sure they are very good!

Jacqueline’s Autism speech was very touching, and I thought her delivery was spot on. She is a wonderful mom and Nick’s progress is truly remarkable. He has come so far, and I think it’s very commendable that Jacq wants to help others by raising awareness.

Question. At Chakra, why does Melissa act so happy when she walks over to Penny at the bar? If she and Joe really believe Penny is the one who is actually spreading these rumors why act so calm around her? And better yet, why is Joe so quick to point a finger at all the women with regards to this cheating accusation? Why not go right to the source? I didn’t start the rumor. Teresa didn’t start the rumor. Jan didn’t start the rumor. And Penny didn’t start the rumor. Melissa’s ex did! It was all over Twitter. Whether it did or did not happen, HE is the one Joe Gorga should be confronting! Maybe it is just easier to always blame Teresa. Hmm…

Well, by the looks of the previews I guess you could all see I’m back next week! My Posche 2 opening at the Moxie Salon is the finale and it’s a two parter again! We’re gonna go out with a bang! Can’t wait for this one and I can only say one thing: Drama will be delivered! Until next week…

Kim xo


Episode 10: Friend Mend

Hi dolls! How is everyone doing? I was away in Atlantic City last Sunday, so I got a little behind on my blogging! Here are my thoughts on episode 10:

I love seeing all Teresa’s girls in the kitchen helping their mommy out. They are all so unbelievably sweet and smart and I just love them. Milania couldn’t wait for Antonia to come over! So thrilled the families have patched things up because I truly feel the saddest aspect of the feud was that the cousins could not be together. They picked up right where they left off and their reunion was so heartwarming!

I have to say in general this season all these New Jersey Househusbands certainly do have a way with words, don’t they?! Very interesting choice of phrasing across the board! Won’t go into specifics, but I am sure you all get my drift!

I have really gotten to know Rosie while we were filming this season. I really like her and truly hope she does find the love of her life. She’s a good person and she deserves it!

What is going on with all these private room meetings? First, Danielle and Caroline, then Caroline and Teresa, and now Teresa and Jacqueline! Just something I noticed when a serious conversation is going to take place, it’s always secluded in a restaurant’s private room! I always knew deep down that Teresa and Jacqueline would make up. I am friends with both of them and over the past year they would ask about each other just to check in. ¬†They both have said things about each other that they did not mean. ¬†What I can say is that Teresa is definitely not a sociopath, and Jacqueline is definitely not evil. I believe they never lost that bond they had formed over their entire friendship, even when they were not speaking.

Men are completely different from women in the sense that they can quickly call a truce and brush things under the rug. Women need to take their time to dissect every little thing, and then maybe at the end of the discussion it still doesn’t get resolved. It was nice to see Joe Giudice and Chris cheers their wine glasses to moving forward because they did have a very close friendship at one time.

In conclusion, I always like to end with what I like to call “Where’s Posche?” Jacqueline was wearing our charcoal hearts dress by one of our favorite designers Torn by Ronny Kobo. Also in the meeting with Teresa, she is wearing our Jay Godfrey silk boyfriend blazer in eggplant. She looked beautiful! Both pieces we still have available at Posche as part of our Summer sale!

That’s all for now, and I hope to see some of you at Posche this Wednesday, August 14th as Teresa signs her newest cookbook, “Fabulicious On the Grill” from 6:30-9. We will have a few surprises, and it’s going to be a fabulous evening!

Kim xo

Episode 9: Truce-fully Yours

Hi Dolls! What an emotional roller coaster these past three episodes have taken us all on! Here is my blog for Episode 9:

Let me start out by repeating again how much I absolutely LOVE Dr. V! She is fabulous in so many ways, and how¬†brilliant is she?! What Dr. V was able to accomplish with the Giudices and Gorgas was truly unbelievable.¬† It was nothing short of a Mexican standoff. She was somehow able to make peace out of a situation everyone thought was irreparable. I have the utmost respect for people who choose to spend their lives helping others. Truly commendable. And she’s so fashionable too!

I would like to state my belief in life is that in a good relationship you do not need to be attached at the hip. Dr. V suggested that Teresa and Joe Gorga should spend time alone and I am in 100% agreement with that statement. Married couples should take a little bit of time apart now and then. It is healthy for both people. And I do not feel Teresa should be apologizing anymore! Enough is enough, it’s time to move forward.

Rosie is a good-hearted soul. I felt bad for her sitting at the table because it was clear she really just wanted everyone to make up. Her family means a lot to her and it shows. As always she provided the much needed comic relief on the trip!

I thought it was so cute to see Melissa get a little buzzed and let her hair down! I definitely would’ve been right there with her in the kitchen watching everyone else cook while downing a few Grey Gooses, worrying more about my eyelashes being singed by the flames!

It was so sweet to see Joe Giudice’s¬†sensitive side, although it was not surprising to me. I love Joe, and we always talk straight. I believe that Teresa will take his advice and make up with Jacqueline before season’s end. And hmm, interesting conversation at the Laurita¬†dinner table!! I love Chris, but the sock comment was TMI!

Lastly, as always I love seeing the girls in my Posche clothes! Teresa looked gorgeous in our Boulee violet Audrey top in her interview! We are currently sold out, but just ordered more colors for Fall! And of course, Jacqueline in our Kings of Cole Buddha tee paired with our Rich + Skinny distressed jeans. She looked adorable!

Well, that’s all until next week! Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer! I am loving mine. Have been spending lots of time at Posche¬†and traveling on the weekends. Last weekend was especially exciting as I received an honorary Ambassador of Peace Award at a prestigious event in the Hamptons! I was thrilled and what an honor! After all, Andy did call me Switzerland… ūüėČ

Kim xoxo

Ep. 7 & 8: Dr. V to the Rescue!

Hi dolls! I’m back! Took a break for a week, and enjoyed the summer sun! This was a two part episode, so here are my thoughts for both episodes 7 & 8!

Teresa asked my opinion back in the winter if I thought the retreat was a good idea. I told her I thought it was a very good idea, and I give her a lot of credit for organizing it. I think you can all see that everyone talks about each other. They are all angry and hurt. There are really no innocent parties here. Everyone at this point has almost thrown in the towel. We all see what’s been going on, and what’s lead to the different events that have taken place. I speak from personal experience when I say that this is normal in large Italian families to fight. This family’s fight just happens to be playing itself out on international television in front of an audience of millions of people!

The fight left me speechless, yet in a way I felt it was a good thing. I think it was something that they all needed to get out of their systems. A fight between the Joes seemed to be brewing for some time, and in the end I myself was just thankful that no one really got hurt.

As I stated in one of my previous blogs, Joe Gorga and myself are civil with one another now. Even though he called me a number of choice words, he apologized to me and we have moved past it. That being said I still feel very strongly that he needs to learn to control his anger, especially against women. It is just not right to call women names, especially when it comes to your sister. “Scum” is the type of word that is hard to take back once it’s been said. I truthfully do not feel he really meant it, but it was said in the heat of the moment. He just needs to start thinking before he speaks. On a separate note, I was hysterically laughing when Joe was explaining the black Rogaine spray getting on everybody during the fight in his interview! Too funny!

How cute did Teresa and Joe look in the bathtub?! Those are the good friends that I know and love right in that moment together. And they were drinking Peach Fabellini, my favorite!

I think Dr. V is great! She is clearly a beautiful, sexy Italian woman who gets it! I love her work ethic and can really appreciate that she has chosen to spend her life helping people solve their problems. I was so happy to see Teresa and Joe (her brother) break down and hug it out. Now she and Melissa need to figure out a way to forget about the past and bury the hatchet.

That’s all I’ll say on this one. I need to get back to Posche as we have been very busy running a big blowout July sale! I have some new projects in the works that I can’t wait to share with everyone! Stay tuned!

Kim xo