Arizona: A Horse of a Different Color

Hi dolls! Happy Fall! Sorry I have been a few weeks behind, but Arizona was a three parter, so I combined all episodes together.  I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, as I have a feeling there will be a lot to discuss in the weeks to come!

I would like to start out by saying that I give Melissa a lot of credit for going to Arizona for therapy on her birthday, and sick let alone! Arizona is beautiful, but you would have to drag me kicking and screaming before I would fly 3,000 miles on a plane across the country to do healing family group exercises whilst under the weather! It feels like they were there forever too! Anyway, she was a real trooper and I felt for her!

I thought the best part of the trilogy was Wyatt, the horse whisperer. He really dug deep down and got to the bottom of the underlying issues and history within the group. He did not hold back or sugarcoat anything, and I think that is why everyone was so emotional. With this exercise, Wyatt also got everyone to encourage and support one another in being able to lift the horse’s hoof. The whole scene was very real. It was truly unbelievable to see how that horse could interpret all of the different levels of energy and confidence. It just proves how smart animals really are. I do have to disagree with Caroline’s comment in the interview about Teresa being superficial. I have known Teresa a long time and I can honestly say that she is one of the least superficial people I know. She never ceases to amaze me especially with her fans. She is very gracious and will take countless pictures until she literally cannot smile anymore!

The second part of the trip I could appreciate the most was the partnered tightrope walking. It was very sweet to see Teresa and her brother get up there together and have to rely so heavily on one another, no pun intended. I give them all credit because I personally could never go up there being afraid of heights! I also thought it was very noble of Teresa to go back up a second time with Melissa when she knew she was afraid. They didn’t make it very far on the actual rope, but in terms of their relationship I think they made it a long way in that moment.

Lastly, I have to address Joe throwing the glass at the wall. I understand that everyone was drinking that night, however he almost got glass in his sister’s eye. Joe Gorga is very passionate, and of course any man would get that angry if someone was verbally attacking his wife on Twitter. I just need to reiterate that Joe really does need to learn how to control his temper before someone gets hurt. Melissa did reprimand him, as she should have, but I just worry that one day it will be a little too late.

Like I said, short and sweet on this one, but be prepared for the upcoming ones to be much lengthier to close out the season. We are coming to the end already if you can believe it! Still some great stuff to come though, so check back after Sunday night for the next edition of my blog! Posche has been rocking and I am so appreciative to everyone who has been coming by to show support and shop! Our next fashion show is coming up on Wednesday, October 23rd at the Venetian and tickets are selling fast! Hope to see some of you there! Until next week!

Kim xo



Watch ET Tonight!

Watch ET Tonight!

Watch Entertainment Tonight (ET) tonight at 7:30 pm on CBS – Channel 2 to see an exclusive interview with Kim DePaola and Teresa Giudice along with coverage of Teresa’s book signing held at POSCHE last night.


Ep. 7 & 8: Dr. V to the Rescue!

Hi dolls! I’m back! Took a break for a week, and enjoyed the summer sun! This was a two part episode, so here are my thoughts for both episodes 7 & 8!

Teresa asked my opinion back in the winter if I thought the retreat was a good idea. I told her I thought it was a very good idea, and I give her a lot of credit for organizing it. I think you can all see that everyone talks about each other. They are all angry and hurt. There are really no innocent parties here. Everyone at this point has almost thrown in the towel. We all see what’s been going on, and what’s lead to the different events that have taken place. I speak from personal experience when I say that this is normal in large Italian families to fight. This family’s fight just happens to be playing itself out on international television in front of an audience of millions of people!

The fight left me speechless, yet in a way I felt it was a good thing. I think it was something that they all needed to get out of their systems. A fight between the Joes seemed to be brewing for some time, and in the end I myself was just thankful that no one really got hurt.

As I stated in one of my previous blogs, Joe Gorga and myself are civil with one another now. Even though he called me a number of choice words, he apologized to me and we have moved past it. That being said I still feel very strongly that he needs to learn to control his anger, especially against women. It is just not right to call women names, especially when it comes to your sister. “Scum” is the type of word that is hard to take back once it’s been said. I truthfully do not feel he really meant it, but it was said in the heat of the moment. He just needs to start thinking before he speaks. On a separate note, I was hysterically laughing when Joe was explaining the black Rogaine spray getting on everybody during the fight in his interview! Too funny!

How cute did Teresa and Joe look in the bathtub?! Those are the good friends that I know and love right in that moment together. And they were drinking Peach Fabellini, my favorite!

I think Dr. V is great! She is clearly a beautiful, sexy Italian woman who gets it! I love her work ethic and can really appreciate that she has chosen to spend her life helping people solve their problems. I was so happy to see Teresa and Joe (her brother) break down and hug it out. Now she and Melissa need to figure out a way to forget about the past and bury the hatchet.

That’s all I’ll say on this one. I need to get back to Posche as we have been very busy running a big blowout July sale! I have some new projects in the works that I can’t wait to share with everyone! Stay tuned!

Kim xo

Episodes 4 & 5 Thoughts

Hi Dolls! I have not forgotten about my blog! I was not on last week’s episode, nor this week’s, so I figured I would just combine my thoughts on the two into one blog tonight! Here it goes:

First of all, I loved the scene with Teresa and her mother-in-law getting pedicures, and in her Kings of Cole lime cashmere sweater and leggings from Posche nonetheless! I am ordering a pair for Mrs. Giudice since she loved them so much!

As I previously stated after some turmoil, Joe Gorga and I are fine with each other now. With that said, in the past when he has gotten into fights whether it be with Teresa or myself, he tends to become aggressive. In episode 4, Joe tells T that he would never speak to Melissa in a derogatory manner because he wants to teach his sons that wives should be treated with respect. But what about a sister? Wouldn’t he want his sons to treat their sister with that same respect with which they would treat their wives? I won’t linger on this because like I said we have mended fences, but those were just my feelings after viewing the final scene in that episode. And for the record, I have been to Teresa’s house for Thanksgiving, as well as many other times, and watched her cook! And my assistant has even gone to her shore house, where she saw T cook a huge Sunday dinner for not only the family, but many friends as well! Her food is fabulous – I mean Fabulicious! 

Not too much else for me to say on this one, so I’ll move onto last night:

I was laughing hysterically at Milania playing soccer! She cracks me up every time I see her. Was just priceless when she walked in and called everyone “lazy bums”! Just too cute for words! And didn’t Teresa looked gorgeous in her Alice + Olivia midnight blue fox trim sweater coat from Posche?! Only she could rock an outfit like that and still look glamorous kicking a soccer ball!

I have to say I am really getting a kick out of Richie’s one liners this season. However, I found his comment referring to how he “married a housewife, not an entrepreneur” to be slightly offensive. I believe all women should be independent in today’s world. You can own a business and still be a housewife. Who says you have to choose one over the other? I think it’s great Kathy wants to start her own career and I wish her much success with it!

In the final scene, Rosie and Teresa really went at it. Their emotions ran rampant and you could truly see the hurt and anger in both of their eyes. I was relieved in the end that they were able to hug it out, and T left with her tongue in tact!! And another Posche look spotted! One of our favorite pieces also from Alice + Olivia was that beautiful cropped bow jacket on Teresa while they are sitting at the table. It will be available in the fall, with the bow done in leather!

Last, but not least, the coming attractions: As you can see I’m back! You will see the first confrontation that I have with the Gorgas since the reunion, filmed at one of our favorite restaurant’s in the area, Portobello’s. And to address the realtor’s comment (and no I am still not going to use her name) to Melissa about myself having “it in for” her…I absolutely do not have it out for Melissa. Won’t give away anything more, so watch and see! Should be a good one!


Thoughts on RHONJ Episode 3

Hi dolls, I’m back! For those of you who didn’t see last week’s post, I have started my own blog so that I can share my opinions and viewpoints on Season 5. Here are my thoughts on episode 3:

Teresa has been working out religiously for a while now. It is rare when she comes into Posche and hasn’t just been at the gym! She goes the same time every morning. On this particular day, Teresa happened to go earlier than usual because she was going to the hospital to visit her father. She was of course aware that Melissa is a member at the same gym, however they have never crossed paths before because they go at different times during the day. While we were sitting in Kafe Neo, Teresa got the call from Linda saying that she had just seen Melissa at Get Fit with Jacqueline and Kathy (who are not members there) at the same exact time she normally works out everyday. She was a little taken aback. For many people the gym is a personal sanctuary; a place where we can go to de-stress and forget about our problems. Their timing was just too coincidental, and Teresa felt it was a bit of an invasion of her privacy.

I would like to quickly touch upon the comment I made over coffee in regards to Kathy’s weight. It was meant as a joke in the heat of the moment, however I would like to state for the record that I feel all women, any shapes and sizes, are beautiful. It is not nice to call people fat.

The scenes with Nicholas are so emotional and heartwarming to me. Jacq is an incredibly dedicated and loving mother. As her friend, I really admire her strength and am very proud of her.

I love Gia, and have watched her grow into a beautiful, well-mannered, poised young lady. At only 12 years old, she helps Teresa take care of Gabriella, Milania, and Audriana, not only like a big sister, but like a second mom. Gia is truly wonderful, and the scene of her and Joe is as sweet as Gellotti’s ice cream!

Lastly, I give Melissa a lot of credit for insisting on taking the kids by herself to Gia’s birthday party when Joe had pneumonia. She was making strides to mend their relationship and allow the cousins to be together again. Everyone is probably wondering why I questioned Melissa about visiting her father-in-law in the hospital. The answer is simple: There was an elephant in the room. Everyone was talking about it, and it was putting a damper on the mood of the party in the “adult room”. Teresa is my friend and it was weighing on her mind. So I pulled Melissa aside and came right out with it. When I say “defend yourself”, it was my way of saying here’s your chance to tell your side of the story and end it here and now. Unfortunately, peace was not made and Melissa took the kids and left the party early. No one wanted her to leave, but the elephant proved to be too big for everyone.

Need to run for now, but will be back for more next week! I’m at Courtney and Tony’s wedding in Lancaster, PA! Congrats to the bride and groom!


An “Official Friend” on RHONJ

Hi Dolls!!

By now most of you know that I am now an “Official Friend of the Housewives” on Season 5 of RHONJ! I had a blast filming for five months with all the ladies and there will be lots of fashion, laughs, and of course some drama to come! In honor of the start of the new season and my first appearance on last night’s episode (albeit short and sweet), I have decided to start my own blog from my personal Facebook page. Here it goes!

At the beginning of last year my mother was diagnosed very suddenly with lung cancer. It was one of the hardest times in my life I have ever had to go through. Both Teresa and Jacqueline were there for me every step of the way during that horrible period. When Teresa’s father got sick I wanted her to know that I was there for her as she was for me. I know her parents mean the world to her. I thank god every day that my mother is doing fabulous and pray that Teresa’s father soon will be too. He is a wonderful man!

I have to briefly touch upon the realtor who showed the Gorgas’ house to the perspective buyers. Let’s just say you will all find out how I feel about her before the season’s end! And name dropping? Why do we need to know that her client has a son with P. Diddy?! Just saying…

Last but not least, I am very flattered to hear that I was the million dollar question!  Joe Gorga did apologize to me on the reunion because he knew what he did and said was wrong. I accepted his apology and we are fine now. Same goes for Melissa and myself. We have resolved our issues and are moving forward. She has even started shopping at Posche! We recently styled her for RHONJ press and a celebrity wedding in the Hamptons!

Time to wrap this up; (I just got back from a weekend in Atlantic City and my dogs missed their mommy!) but I will continue to blog every week after each episode! There is a lot to look forward to including the launch of my new cuff line, Cuffs by Kim D, and also a Posche 2! Stay tuned!

Kim xo